Let’s Get Real

Top 7 Gifts Dad’s ACTUALLY want- (co- written by a dad)


Looking for the PERFECT Father’s Day gift? Yeah.. me too! As I look through the lists I’m finding all over the internet, I’m finding a theme… they’re full of stuff that I know for a fact at least my guy doesn’t want! Most lists are written by either a woman who assumes she knows what her hubby wants, or companies/people ...

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Mom cold vs Dad cold


I was so sick last week that I never got out of bed! I just slept in, did no laundry, didn’t cook, didn’t clean, didn’t drive anyone anywhere… just rested… Said NO mom ever! My kids have been sick on and off for weeks now. One gets better and the other gives it back to them. It’s a vicious circle! ...

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Laugh Tracks


So, I guess I really never paid attention before… until I met Charles. Now that he pointed this out to me, I can no longer watch some tv shows without wondering….if I’m watching a show, and something funny happens, why are there laugh tracks? If it’s funny, wouldn’t we laugh anyway without being told to? Of course, me being me… ...

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Galbladder Blues

eviction notice

Dear Gallbladder, It’s not you, it’s me… (who am I kidding, it’s definitely you.) As I lie here in bed.. thinking about how much you hurt me, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to do this anymore! You tell me what I can and cannot eat, you attack me.. causing me physical pain. You keep me ...

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Road Trip Tips


Load up the car with 52 suit cases, car seats, swing, stroller, diaper bag, purse, phones, laptops, tablets, oh.. and don’t forget the kids. Make sure the dogs have plenty of food and water, turn all the lights off, adjust the air conditioning. Unload the kids and make them all go potty. You don’t have to? Try! Everybody back in ...

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Oldies Shmoldies


Garbage Pail Kids. Rainbow Brite. Teddy Ruxpin. Trolls. Pogo Balls. Glo worm. Pound Puppies. Strawberry Shortcake. Polly Pockets. Atari. Smurfs. Double Dare. Simon Says. Skip It. My Buddy. Rock em Sock em Robots. See N Say. Mad Balls. Barbie and the Rockers. Mall Madness. The Goonies.  Ghostbusters. Aqua Net. Teen Spirit. New Kids on the Block. Sun In. Punky Brewster. ...

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Rise and…. wait, it’s 5AM and I’m on vacation!


Diaper bag? Check! Suitcases? Check! Phones, chargers, sun screen… check! Yep.. we’re going on vacation! As we load up the car and buckle in the kids, we can’t stop talking about how much we are going to squeeze in to this trip. A baseball game, aquarium, Lego Land, swimming, one night out for mommy and daddy, and of course sleeping ...

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It was Christmas time. I was busy decorating, going to school parties, and shopping for our five kiddos, and what happens? Our washer broke! Why not? We didn’t have enough going on anyway! LOL. So, we go looking.. but didn’t find exactly what we wanted, and once we did… we found the perfect set, and got an amazing deal. Yay! ...

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Shake, Rattle and…. Get Ready!


Growing up in Southern California, we did earthquake drills at school to prepare for “The Big One.” Experts say, the time has come! As LA Times states, the San Andreas fault line is ” Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Roll!” As if the shaking isn’t scary enough… they are also saying the sewer system could be out for up to ...

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22 months pregnant


266 days. That’s how long the average full term human pregnancy lasts. But why does it seem so long?! I guess it’s nothing to complain about, considering elephants are pregnant for nearly 2 years! Can you imagine? And as if the long wait isn’t enough… when their calf is born, it will weigh an average of 265 pounds! OUCH! We ...

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