Mommy Deal of the Day


Kelly Cardenas Salon

My favorite salon ever! When you walk in to this salon, you are greeted immediately, every time. They give you a tour if it’s your first time… other wise they take you to the dressing room to put on a robe. Almost the entire time, you have two stylists working on you. They are so attentive, and truly make every ...

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Posare Salon S. Durango

About a month ago, while in the midst of a hair emergency melt down (yes, it’s a real thing)… Charles walked in to our room and said those three little words we all love to hear so much…  (actually, it was nine words, but who’s counting?!). “Go get your hair done, I’ll keep the baby!” Woohoooo! Happy Birthday to me! ...

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Let’s Talk About Your Hair Review

I cannot say enough about this salon! I had long blonde hair for as long as I can remember. I went in to Ltayh not really knowing what I wanted… I just new I wanted a big change. And a big change is what I got! Peter Anthony was extremely knowledgeable. His wife had this beautiful fire red hair. Of ...

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Pretty Girl Lashez Review

Each extension is bonded to your natural lash using high quality adhesive to form a full, vibrant set of perfect new lashes. Each new set takes roughly two hours for application and each fill takes a period of about an hour. Your new lashes shed with your natural growth cycle and cause no damage to your real lashes. You can ...

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