Mommy Deal of the Day

Chow Mein House – Summerlin

Anyone who knows us knows that we are always looking for somewhere, or something new to try. I was super excited to try this place, because I love the sleek design in the restaurant, and it’s close to home!

The night we decided to go ahead and give it a try.. our toddler was practicing her “terrible twos”… so we decided to try it to-go. The woman taking our order was in a huge rush, and not very friendly. But we decided to give it a try anyway. We ordered quite a few different entrees, so we could try them all. We all sat down on the floor together to eat “picnic style”. Well…. it certainly reminded me of a picnic. But for a different reason. Every thing I tried, tasted like grass and flowers to me. I did not notice any familiar seasoning or flavors. Bleh! The kids asked if they could eat sandwiches! I can say the dogs ate pretty well that night!

I do not recommend Chow Mein house at all!

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