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The Real Pageant Exclusive Confidence Camp  is a one day workshop which is FREE FOR ALL to attend! At confidence camp, your girls along with other girls their age will learn to empower one another, to know their self worth, how to be a good friend, anti-bullying, public speaking, and so much more!

We have some of the most positive, successful women in our community coming to give your girls beauty tips and tricks, talk about being positive, strong, confident young ladies, and a good leader in our community. GIRL POWER!!!

We will finish the day by filling some bags for the homeless and talking to the girls about acts of kindness and giving back to your community.

Please RSVP and include your daughters age as we have a few workshops where they will be separated by age groups, and do it soon, our last camp sold out right away! Our sponsors will provide pizza, drinks and snacks.


RSVP by clicking here. 

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