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Laugh Tracks

So, I guess I really never paid attention before… until I met Charles. Now that he pointed this out to me, I can no longer watch some tv shows without wondering….if I’m watching a show, and something funny happens, why are there laugh tracks? If it’s funny, wouldn’t we laugh anyway without being told to?

Of course, me being me… I couldn’t let this go! LOL. I looked it up, and this is what I found:


Why is there always laughing in TV shows?

“TV programs in the early days were mostly recorded in front of a live audience so the reactions and laughter were genuine. Then at some point TV producers decided to “sweeten” comedy shows because people were not laughing at the right places so they added artificial laugh tracks.”
Ummmm…. “People were not laughing at the right places”….??????? So… now, the laughs aren’t genuine? Can you believe they pay professional laughers? Weird!  Hey honey, how was work? What did you do today? (husband) Well, ya know. We did this one crazy high pitched laugh, then a loud laugh… tough day at the office!


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