Mommy Deal of the Day

Mom cold vs Dad cold

I was so sick last week that I never got out of bed! I just slept in, did no laundry, didn’t cook, didn’t clean, didn’t drive anyone anywhere… just rested… Said NO mom ever!

My kids have been sick on and off for weeks now. One gets better and the other gives it back to them. It’s a vicious circle! We have washed, lysoled and bleached everything, and filled the kids with antibiotics and vitamins… and we are still getting our butts kicked by pneumonia and strep throat. And just when I’m frustrated, at my wit’s end and exhausted… hubby catches a cold. UUUggghhh! I have spent so many nights… up all night, watching fevers and coughs, and worrying! Now, I (the one with pneumonia) walk in with the baby in my arms, to check on Charles who has a little cold and wants me to rub his head and shoulders, and I ask him to hold the baby while I give our 5 year old her medicine… and he tells me he can’t hold her because he “doesn’t want to get her sick”. WWWHHAAATTT?!!! Hello? I HAVE PNEUMONIA! LOL .

This man is the toughest man I have ever met in my life. He has bone exposed on his heel that he has been living with for 35 years. So tell me ladies… why are men such babies when they are sick?! Can you imagine if they had to give birth? OMG! LOL

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