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Sensationail Kit

Every time I leave the salon my wallet is screaming… “why do you let them up sell you?!” I go in for a simple $20 manicure, and leave after an $8,652.00 Supreme manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, and anything else they can convince me i need to rack up the bill. LOL.

As I walked through Target recently, I noticed Sensational. I bought the kit (for around $25) which came with everything I needed, even the LED lamp… winning! Holy cow! I feel like a thief, because if this really works… this is a steal! I then rushed my kids through the store to finish up our shopping so I could get home and try out my new nail kit! Between scrubbing a million dishes, washing 52 bottles a day, and the rest of my maid duties… my nails usually last about a day and a half.

Once I got home, everyone entertained and cleaned up after them self so I could sit and paint my nails quietly, alone in my room with meditation music playing. LOL… yeah right! Now..  back to reality. I put the groceries away, and later that night.. when the kids went to bed, I sat down, alone, with my kit. I was so excited.. I didn’t even read the directions! Lol. It can’t be that hard, right?! Luckily, this time.. I was right. I prepped my nails, painted and then stuck them in the lamp. They literally cure in 30 seconds! This is AMAZING!

Now.. for the question many of you have… YES! They lasted way longer than any other gel polishes I have tried! My nails stayed almost 2 weeks with no chips! My toes lasted over three weeks! The only complaint I had is that there are not a ton of color options. They do, however, have a transformer that you can pair with any regular polish and it turns it to gel. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this product.

What I recommend:

Sensationail Gel Polish Starter kit

Silver Glitter

Island Oasis

Raspberry Wine


The next colors I will be trying are: Cabana Boy, Heirloom Lilac, Cool Breeze, After Five, In the shade, Espresso Bean and Rose Gold Glitter. If you have tries any of these.. let me know! Other wise.. I will update once I’ve tried them!





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