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808 Sushi

As sushi lovers, we frequent 808 Sushi, not because it’s the best we’ve ever had.. but because it’s convenient. The service is quite inconsistent, so it’s hard to say good or bad. With the previous staff, it was like walking in to “Cheers”. Everyone knew your name and what you like to eat! Now, the service is just ok. Sometimes ...

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Pasta Nest

I found one of the cutest pasta recipes for kids on a site called Crafty Moods! I know we tell our kids not to play with their food, but with this cute recipe… how can they not?! Things you will need: Cooked spaghetti-(our nest) Cooked meatballs-(our birds) Candy eyes from craft stores or baking supply stores 1 Carrot or orange ...

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Buffalo Wild Wings

I’ve never been a huge fan of the food at Buffalo Wild Wings, until tonight. In the past, I have tried their salads and their wraps. Tonight, I had the soft pretzels with queso dip and they were awesome! My kids had mac n cheese kids meals, which they also loved. Charles happily took advantage of the wing special. It’s ...

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In need of change as far as fast food, We were so excited for Checkers to open so close to our house! We don’t eat fast food often, but were definitely getting burnt out on the places near by. I am an In N Out lover when it comes to burgers, but this place came HIGHLY recommended by Charles. So, ...

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Winger’s Roadhouse Grill

On our way home from Salt Lake City, the constant “Are we there yet” questions coming from the back seat brought us to the decision to stop for a bite to eat. We figured we would take advantage of the fact that if they had food in their mouths, they couldn’t ask how much longer till we got home. From ...

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Happy Hollowthanksmas!!

So now that we made it through Halloween, I’m struggling with not putting out the Christmas decorations! I went to Sam’s Club before Halloween, and saw Christmas displays, and thought… WTH? But now, here I am… 3 days after Halloween and I want to start decorating!!! I just love the smell of peppermint candles and pumpkin pie. And the dimly ...

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