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Kelly Cardenas Salon

My favorite salon ever! When you walk in to this salon, you are greeted immediately, every time. They give you a tour if it’s your first time… other wise they take you to the dressing room to put on a robe. Almost the entire time, you have two stylists working on you. They are so attentive, and truly make every ...

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Aussie Miraculously Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

I was sent the new “Miraculously Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner” to review. While it sounds great for those of us battling the “frizzies”, in my opinion, there was nothing miraculous about these products at all! I used it twice.. just to be sure that it wasn’t a fluke, and just as I suspected… I hated it just as much the ...

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Posare Salon S. Durango

About a month ago, while in the midst of a hair emergency melt down (yes, it’s a real thing)… Charles walked in to our room and said those three little words we all love to hear so much…  (actually, it was nine words, but who’s counting?!). “Go get your hair done, I’ll keep the baby!” Woohoooo! Happy Birthday to me! ...

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Secret Extensions

For years, I spent a ton of money at the salon to have my extensions done. After hours sitting in the chair, a head ache, and an empty wallet… at least I could say I loved my hair, right? WRONG! It was always beautiful for the first month. Then, it was a tangled mess, no matter what I did! This is ...

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Modere Beauty Box

  About the Modere Beauty Box: The future of beauty starts with a natural you. Invest in your original beauty with the uniquely-crafted products Modere offers. The products and samples in the Beauty Box are the result of a revolutionary new approach to safe, clean, high-performing lifestyle essentials. We encourage you to enjoy the samples for the next 7 days ...

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Let’s Talk About Your Hair Review

I cannot say enough about this salon! I had long blonde hair for as long as I can remember. I went in to Ltayh not really knowing what I wanted… I just new I wanted a big change. And a big change is what I got! Peter Anthony was extremely knowledgeable. His wife had this beautiful fire red hair. Of ...

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