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Friday Funny

So, I went in for a routine lady checkup, right… And of course I scrubbed, scraped and shaved like I was going on a first date with with the man of my dreams.. And I decide I’m gonna go with the new body spray I bought… So I spritzed myself like a second shower! I made sure to double spritz ...

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It was Christmas time. I was busy decorating, going to school parties, and shopping for our five kiddos, and what happens? Our washer broke! Why not? We didn’t have enough going on anyway! LOL. So, we go looking.. but didn’t find exactly what we wanted, and once we did… we found the perfect set, and got an amazing deal. Yay! ...

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Please Mr Postman…hurry!!!

Am I the only one who checks the door every hour until the mail finally arrives when waiting for a package? My mail man is awesome.. mail is usually here by noon… but I swear, the only time it’s later is when I’m sitting here excited waiting for my package! Please Mr Postman…. hurry!!    

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You’re a Stay at Home Mom? You Don’t Work?

This makes me laugh every time I hear it…   ” Oh… you’re a stay at home mommy? You don’t work?”…. Why yes, I am a stay at home mom! How many hours a day? Oh, usually about 16 hour days…how many hours are your shifts? What do I do all day? Not to much, I woke up… got the kids bathed, ...

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