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Thai Style Noodle House 2 (Ft. Apache) – Review

As a huge fan of Thai food, I was so excited to give this place a try. Charles had heard great things about it, and it’s close to home… BONUS! We only waited 5 minutes to be seated, and everyone seemed somewhat friendly. The menu had several good options, and we couldn’t wait to order! We began with crab Rangoon, ...

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J Gumbo’s

While on vacation in Florida, I tried a beignet for the first time. It was AMAZING! I missed it when we stayed in New Orleans, but caught up with my beloved beignet in Destin! I was surfing Facebook tonight, when what do I see? A “FREE BEIGNET” promo staring at me! Yay! I was happy with just the beignet, but the bonus ...

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808 Sushi

As sushi lovers, we frequent 808 Sushi, not because it’s the best we’ve ever had.. but because it’s convenient. The service is quite inconsistent, so it’s hard to say good or bad. With the previous staff, it was like walking in to “Cheers”. Everyone knew your name and what you like to eat! Now, the service is just ok. Sometimes ...

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Winger’s Roadhouse Grill

On our way home from Salt Lake City, the constant “Are we there yet” questions coming from the back seat brought us to the decision to stop for a bite to eat. We figured we would take advantage of the fact that if they had food in their mouths, they couldn’t ask how much longer till we got home. From ...

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A Hairy Situation

Welcome to Chili’s, would you like some hair with your mac n cheese today? Not only did we wait almost 20 minutes to order, when we did our food… it had hair in it!! Eeewwww! As if that wasn’t bad enough… she forgot to put the order in for Charles’ and my food. But, that’s ok… after the hair, I ...

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Outback Steakhouse Review

Not only does Outback serve great food, the service is outstanding! My kids enjoyed several of the meals from the kids menu, I had steak, and Charles LOVED his steak and all you can eat shrimp! A little more seasoning on the steaks, and it would’ve been perfect! If you are looking for a great place to take the family, ...

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