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Top 25 Mom Hacks

Of course with my sixth (and last) daughter, I learned so many great new Mom hacks! Life changing, save the poop smell, no more screaming teething baby, AMAZING hacks! Why after five kids I hadn’t figured these out yet… who knows? Mom brain, maybe?! Although I won’t be needing them again… I can now share the wealth. I hope these simple tricks help save your sanity… enjoy!


  1. Put water in your babies pacifier, and put it in the freezer. When you take it out, your baby will quietly and happily chew away while it numbs their gums.
  2.  During your next taco/burrito night, serve your toddler’s burrito in a cup/mason jar to save the mess (just roll it up like normal and place in a cup)
  3.  Use a bag of frozen veggies instead of bags of ice for owies
  4.  Put poopy diapers in a sealed Ziploc bag before placing in the diaper pail  (your nose and houseguests will thank you)
  5.  Clean & disinfect all of your toddlers plastic toys in the dishwasher
  6.  Use a mesh garment bag to wash your toddlers socks (this way they don’t make it to the land of mismatched socks basket)
  7.  When your toddler starts taking their own diaper off, start putting it on backwards. This way it’s harder to reach the tabs.
  8.  Place your changing pad on top of the babies dresser. With all six kids, I maybe used the changing table a handful of times. Save your money for coffee! (Or wine)…
  9.  When your baby has a diaper blowout… pull the onesie down, instead of trying to take it off up, over their head… save yourself a crappy situation. The onesie has the flaps on the shoulders to help it stretch.
  10.  Do you have board games with broken boxes and missing pieces? Head to your Dollar store and grab plastic containers with lids. Label the lid with the name of the game.
  11.  When you’re at a bday party and they serve cupcakes… cut your childs cupcake in half. Flip the top over so the icing is in the middle. Less mess, still delicious.
  12.  Place a fitted sheet on your play pen when out doors with your baby. This will protect the baby from sun and bugs, and the mesh sides will still allow fresh air to flow through.
  13.  Have the kids pick outfits and pack back packs the night before. This way if you’re running late in the morning, it’s no big deal!
  14.  Buy a thermos for school lunches. In the morning, you boil water, pour it into the thermos and let it sit while you prep the other snacks. Reheat some leftovers, chicken nuggets, etc. When you’re done prepping snacks, pour out the boiling water and put food in. This will keep their food warm until lunch.
  15.  When traveling, pack each child a gallon Ziploc bag with their favorite snacks. Write their name on their bag so they know which is theirs. This will save you from having to stop for snacks and searching for something they all like.
  16.  When your child starts school, laminate a sheet for them to practice writing. Give them a dry erase marker, and let them practice. If you do not have access to a machine, put paper in a Ziploc bag. They can write on the bag, and can also store their marker in it when they’re done.
  17.  When your baby is born (or even before), reserve an email address for them. Email to that address milestones, memories, etc. Take pics. Whether you have make-up on or not. Even if your hair is not brushed. You’ll be glad you did later. Send them to that email as well. When your child turns eighteen, give them the email address and the password.
  18.  Meal prep for your kids. Wash and cut veggies, fruit, etc. and pack in baggies. If these are readily available for your kids, it will make life easier on you, and it will help them to make good food choices.
  19.  Make mom friends with kids close in age to yours. Then, take turns watching each other’s kids. This will give you alone time/date nights and save you tons on babysitting.
  20.  When it’s hot out, make slushies out of Capri Suns. Simply put them in the freezer, pull out when frozen and cut the top off. Pour into a cup, and serve. Easy, peasy!
  21.  Make sure your baby has a full belly before falling asleep. They will sleep better and longer.
  22.  Pull out the Tupperware, spatulas and cardboard boxes. Many times, my kids loved to play with the boxes toys came in more than the toy itself.
  23.  When you see a good deal, buy the next few sizes! At the end of a season, when clothes, shoes, etc. go on sale… buy a few sizes up!
  24.  If your baby is crabby, try a warm bath, or a car ride around the neighborhood.
  25.  If your daughter has long, curly or tangly hair- brush and put it in a braid when they go to bed. This will keep it from tangling while she sleeps.

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