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Top 7 Gifts Dad’s ACTUALLY want- (co- written by a dad)

Looking for the PERFECT Father’s Day gift? Yeah.. me too! As I look through the lists I’m finding all over the internet, I’m finding a theme… they’re full of stuff that I know for a fact at least my guy doesn’t want! Most lists are written by either a woman who assumes she knows what her hubby wants, or companies/people listing out every product THEY SELL that can be used by a man. Nope. They already have 52 pairs of socks, a ton of cologne they don’t really like, and a million coupon books they never cashed in on. So what do they really want? This is the list I was given when I asked that very question.

  1. Bologna. Jammies.  (No, they don’t want lunch meat and sweats.. think about this…) Hint: Look at the initials

2. Comfy T-shirts (that are flattering even if he has moobs)… that you don’t steal from him

3. Amazon Gift Card

4. Be a designated driver for him and his buddies

5. If he works on computers a lot, give him a lengthy forearm massage

6. Stroke him with an ego post- Let the world know how manly he his and how proud you are of what a great Dad he is

7. Surprise him with a staycation, and have everything already planned out. Babysitter, dinner reservations, and hotel room, all booked.


Now that we know what they DO want… here are a couple things that they don’t want.

1. If their BBQ has been known to poison small countries, don’t encourage it by buying them new BBQ tools

2. Unless they’re an avid fitness enthusiast, don’t get them workout equipment. It makes them think you’re trying to tell them something.


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